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PREORDER overDress Genesis of the Five Greats: Sneak Preview Kit

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Each SP kit will contain 2 Premium Rubber Playmats (1 design) and 8+1 Exclusive PR Over Triggers!!
Each kit will contain 47 Booster Packs and each player will receive 5 packs instead of 4 packs!! Remaining 7 packs serve as a prize!

Changes Have Been Made to the SP Kit and Draft Rules!!!
Each player now receives 5 packs instead of 4 with an overall increase of 8 packs to the SP Kit! In this new draft, Trigger Units will no longer take up a draft slot as players can now use their own triggers provided it has no special abilities! This allows for a better drafting experience as players get to use that draft slot for a potentially more valuable card! On top of that, no need to fret about drafting the new "Over Trigger" in your deck as the SP Kit contains 1 exclusive "Over Trigger" card for each player!!!

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