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PREORDER overDress A Brush with the Legends: Sneak Preview Kit

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This item is a PREORDER, so it will be served on the release date.

If the release is delayed, you'll be notified.

If there's allocation (which means we don't receive all the product ordered to the distributor), we'll follow the following criteria:

- We'll serve first the orders that have been paid, by chronological order.

- The remaining units will be served by chronological order.

Each SP kit will contain 2 Premium Rubber Playmats (1 design) and 8+1 Exclusive PR Over Triggers!!
Each kit will contain 47 Booster Packs and each player will receive 5 packs instead of 4 packs!! Remaining 7 packs serve as a prize!

Changes Have Been Made to the SP Kit and Draft Rules!
Each player now receives 5 packs instead of 4 with an overall increase of 8 packs to the SP Kit! In this new draft, Trigger Units will no longer take up a draft slot as players can now use their own triggers provided it has no special abilities! This allows for a better drafting experience as players get to use that draft slot for a potentially more valuable card! On top of that, no need to fret about drafting the new "Over Trigger" in your deck as the SP Kit contains 1 exclusive "Over Trigger" card for each player!!!

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