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2012 Summer Con L5R Promo Pack (50 cards)
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1 Summer Convention Pack containing 50 Emperor-legal cards: 1x Suitengu’s Blessing1x Tales of Valor1x The Wall is Breached3x Charter of the Legion of Two Thousand3x Plantation3x Retired Sensei3x Ki no Oni3x Seppun Ichigo1x Seppun Ritisharu3x Tess’kss3x Quicksand3x Treasure Hunter3x Six Ring Sword3x Jade Embrace3x Sea and Sky1x Closing the Gap3x Imperial...
Ivory Draft Tournament Kit Ivory Draft Tournament Kit 2
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2014 L5R Holiday Pack Contents.-10 Boosters of The New Order Expansion-2014 Winter Pack, Foil Cards
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