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PREORDER Bloomburrow: Play Booster Box (36) Spanish
PREORDER Bloomburrow: Play Booster Box (36) Spanish

PREORDER Bloomburrow: Play Booster Box (36) Spanish

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Welcome to Valley, the bucolic and vibrant home to the animalfolk of Bloomburrow, Magic's first all-animal plane. It’s a place where big adventures await even the smallest who are bold, inquisitive, and heroic, while those with more homespun and peaceable yearnings can enjoy the tranquil life.

But peace is endangered in Valley as the delicate balance of nature is threatened, and the elemental calamity beasts and the Great-Night Owl imperil the lives of its inhabitants.

The animalfolk will have to band together to defend their homes.

Led by Mabel, a mousefolk mother and reluctant hero, a party will strike out to investigate what has befallen a neighboring town.

Along the way, they'll be joined by a remarkable companion from a faraway land.

In Bloomburrow, stouthearted heroes and overwhelming calamity beasts will come face to face in a struggle to restore the delicate balance of the land.

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