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PREORDER One Piece: Big Mom Pirates...

PREORDER One Piece: Big Mom Pirates Starter Deck ST07

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The 7th Starter deck for the One Piece Card Game led by CHARLOTTE LINLIN and many popular characters from the Big Mom Pirates.

In addition to the leader, LINLIN, many popular characters from the Big
Mom Pirates, such as KATAKURI will be included in the deck!

A new Ready-to-play “Yellow" deck! Start playing ONE PIECE CARD GAME with this new color and catch up with the rest!

A life-manipulating deck that replicates the abilities of LINLIN’s Soul-Soul
Fruit! Restore your life and use Soul Pocus of “LIFE” OR “DEAD” to mess with
your opponents!

・Constructed Deck ×1 (51 cards)
・DON!! Card x10
・Playsheet x1

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