Let's look for treasures. Steven Rhodes 3
Let's look for treasures. Steven Rhodes 3

Let's look for treasures. Steven Rhodes 3

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"There are countless objects, mysteries and worms waiting to be unearthed. Grab a shovel and don't forget your little brother... Let's search for treasure! Each turn you WILL EXCAVAT the top card of any of the 3 Dig Piles. In reality, you can dig up as many cards as you want: some will give you a special effect, while others will give you a ton of points. But be careful: if you dig up the wrong card, your turn will be over and you won't win ANYTHING. Will you have the temper to know when to quit? and the enthusiasm to try your luck? As soon as one of the Excavation Piles is empty, the game is over and whoever has the most points wins."


Don't Talk to Strangers is a card game where you and your friends have to get to a SAFE and FUN place before STRANGERS infest the entire neighborhood.

Each turn you will play a MOVEMENT CARD from your hand to help your Child travel from the starting point of the SCHOOL to any SCORE SPACE. Walk, run or even take the SCHOOL BUS or CITY BUS to get a good seat... and the fewer shifts you take, the better! Some SCORE SPACES are worth a lot of points, while others can provide points AND a permanent bonus. Once the Child you are moving SCORES, you can place a new Child who will search for another scoring space. Draw a new MOVE CARD when you pass your turn to the next player, but BE CAREFUL!

The moment someone draws a SIGHTING OF A STRANGER or SAUCER card, they will have to play it immediately. If a STRANGER enters your space, you will be abducted, and when all the STRANGERS have been placed, the game is over! The player with the highest SCORE at the end of the game wins!"

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